Emily Chantiri

Freelance Writer – Journalist – Author – Speaker

Emily has written hundreds of articles for a variety of leading publications. Here are just a few examples


Sydney Morning Herald / The Age:

Scale, efficiencies ‘put downward pressure on super fees’

So you’ve decided to retire: What’s next?

New client-driven financial advice model gathers momentum

Australia fires: only cash accepted when phone networks, ATMs down


India Water Initiatives

Family Travel Magazine – Hawaii Story

Sydney Morning Herald / The Age:

How to trim your overspend on social media shopping

Top scams that catch out many older Australians

Who wants to be a millionaire

Financial stress weighs heavily on expectant parents

Women face 45-year wait to achieve economic equality

Pre-nups: Good in practice but try getting one

Worry and lack of confidence top barriers for women investing

We need to talk about money

‘I feel a million times lighter’_ why we all need a financial Plan B


Company Director Magazine, CEO profile editions/august/adaptability-creates-a-stellar-career

Company Director Magazine /pursuing-change/2017

Company Director Magazine , CEO profile values-and-vision

New Daily diy-selling-property/

New Daily victims of workplace affairs

New Daily Why Open plan offices might be bad open-plan-offices-bad/


Sydney Morning Herald: How to get cash to start your business

FINSIA Fraudsters typically male and over 46 years says new research

Untouchables 2016 The teflon types who can do no wrong _ The New Daily

News Daily: Seven deadly sins to avoid in job interviews

New Daily Why getting along with your colleagues is good for business _ The New Daily


Sydney Morning Herald: Young Aussies Disconnected From Finances

Sydney Morning Herald: Alibaba Founder, Having too Much Money Can be Painful

New Daily:  Why Retirement Can be the Start of Your Career

Marie Claire magazine: Fix Your Money Mindset


Sydney Morning Herald: Stuck In A Rut, How To Get Out

Sydney Morning Herald, Executive Style: How To Join The Board

Sydney Morning Herald: Money, Wish You Were Here

Marie Claire magazine: Surviving the Modern Workplace.


Sydney Horning Herald: Step Away from the Smartphone

Sydney Morning Herald: Workplace Bullying: It’s a Bad Business


Sydney Morning Herald: How to be a Super Boss

Australian Financial Review: Regular fees help maintain healthy cash flow

iVillage: Protect yourself financially. Here’s how

Qantas Inflight Magazine – Property Special Report – June 2012

Charter Magazine, Profile: Australian Auditor General, Ian McPhee

Golf Australia: Myrtle Beach

Australian Financial Review: Supreme courts are in session


BRW – Lead by Being Transparent

Charter Magazine, Profile: Ian Mackintosh FCA

BRW Magazine: Peaking from giants’ shoulders

BRW Magazine: Eight steps to happiness

BRW Magazine: Tippling: Joop van Heusden and Gaye Valtilla

BRW Magazine: How to successfully use your brand

BRW Magazine: All in day’s work

ABC Life etc Magazine Credit Card Article

BRW Rich List Philip Cornish Interview

BRW Young Rich Interview

The Road Less Travelled

Grazia Rich List

Money and Happiness

Norfolk Island Travel Piece

Notebook Magazine