Emily Chantiri

Freelance Writer – Journalist – Author – Speaker


In her new book, The Voice of Intuition, Sydney journalist and best selling author Emily Chantiri helps readers to tap into their intuition.

Chantiri weaves a personal, narrative tale on how listening to her intuition helped her through her life. After being awoken by a powerful message in a dream, Emily embarks on a journey that takes her half way across the world in search of answers. Her journey shows us how we can awaken the internal voice latent in us all.





savvygirlscover2012-221x300The new and updated Savvy Girl’s Money Book: Updated Edition was released in January 2012.

Here is what The Sydney Morning Herald has to say: SMH Review

You can order the eBook here: Savvy Girl’s Money Book: Updated Edition

Here is your free Savvy Girl’s Money Book Budget Planner (in Microsoft Excel 97-2003):
Savvy Budget

Publisher: Murdoch Books Australia

financially-fit-for-lifeFinancially Fit for Life is not about “getting rich quick”. It is a practical and motivational book that helps you on the way to financial fitness based on where you are and what steps you can take right now to become financially independent.

Publisher: Random House Australia








The Money Club… “is an excellent guide to the burgeoning investment club world, in which groups of like minded people get together to learn about the sharemarket – and invest in it.

This book is an easy, yet informative read. It also has a very good summary of how non-professional investors can research stocks, and what to look for when deciding to buy or sell, that is better than many I have seen in much higher-priced books.

The Money Club is written in a very friendly style, and pretty soon the reader gets the distinct impression that the SIN meetings are well lubricated by good food, wine and conversation. Sharemarket investing can be fun, and it’s for everybody. I highly recommend this book.” -James Dunn, Investorweb

Publisher: Random House Australia

mothersday-223x300Every Day is Mother’s Day – Find time, save money & reward yourself – without the guilt!

Publisher: John Wiley and Sons, Australia